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FULL MEMBERSHIP: Those eligible for full voting membership in the Association shall consist of individuals who are serving or have served under the colors of the 63d Infantry Division, including those who have been members of the 63d Infantry Division during and immediately after World War II; the 63d Infantry Division, US Army Reserve (USAR); the 63d US Army Reserve Command (ARCOM); the 63d US Army Reserve Regional Support Command (RSC); or the 63d US Army Reserve Regional Readiness Command (RRC); or who are serving or have served in subordinate or attached units or in an attached status to any of the foregoing organizations; or who are serving or have served in any US Army Reserve unit based in the geographic area of responsibility of any of the foregoing organizations.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP: Associate membership may be granted by the Board of Governors to spouses, widows, widowers, ancestors, or lineal descendants of individuals referred to in MEMBERSHIP above; or to individuals with a special affinity for any of the foregoing US Army organizations. Associate members shall have the right to vote and to serve in any elected office except President or Vice President of the Association.


HONORARY MEMBERSHIP: Honorary membership may be granted to those individuals who do not meet the criteria for regular or associate membership, but who, by their actions and efforts, have contributed materially to the purposes of the Association. In addition, upon the death of any regular member, honorary membership shall be automatically conferred upon the surviving spouse.

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