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2015 Annual Meeting in Review


49th Annual Reunion Meeting


Reported by COL Wisenbaker

The 63rd Infantry Div (USAR) Association annual meeting took place at Hotel Fullerton on 19 April 2015. Though the Hotel had moved us to the Crystal Room, all members managed to arrive at the new location and congregate. After a Social Hour which began at 1100 , President BG Chuck Ebner started the meeting at 1220 hours, beginning with an Invocation by LTC. MiltHoughton (Acting Chaplain). He then invited us to the buffet to begin our meal. Post meal, the business meeting began at 1300. BG Ebner began by having each individual introduce themselves. He then went on to introduce our Speaker for the meeting, recently retired CSM Robert N Roberson, Jr.

CSM Roberson gave an excellent talk, emphasizing the quality and selfsacrifice of today’s reservists, particularly in the current Global Confrontation. Afterwards, Secretary LTC Don Wirth took the podium for the meeting, awarding this year’s Eagle Award to President Ebner and certificates for Board Member Emeritus to LTC Bev Houghton, and life membership Certificate to COL Kathy Ellis. He then proceeded to the call for nominations for Board Membership. LTC Wirth called for nominations from the floor, as well as having coordinated with previous Board Members, who stated they were willing to continue which included COL Alfred Diaz, BG Charles Ebner, LTC Beverley Houghton, MG Jerry Josten, LTC Earle Sweeney and COL JamesWisenbaker. With no other nominations from the floor, the chair proceeded to a voice vote. The slate was re-elected by acclamation by the membership of the Annual Meeting. LTC Wirth then called for any questions or issues from the floor.

Subsequently, LTC Bev Houghton conducted the Raffle with the assistance of COL Susan Lee and COL Kathy Ellis. LTC Milt Houghton again preformed the Chaplain duties, closing with a Benediction and President Ebner the closed formal meeting at 1350 Hours after announcing that the next Annual meeting would be held 17 April 2016 .


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